Bad Credit Car Loans in Fredericton

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We know exactly how it feels when you get turned down by a bank or an auto dealership, leaving you with growing frustration and that bad credit history. We are a company, but first we are people who’d had such experience in the past. Now we know how to help drivers with bad credit get the cars they want. Impossible? No – we have a step-by-step strategy.
Bad Credit Car Loans - Used vehicles financing
Bad Credit Car Loans in Fredericton
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How It Works

1. Apply online via our application form.

2. Wait until our agent contacts you within 24 hours

3. Discuss your options with our agent

4. Get your car delivered to your door

Is getting a bad credit car loan in Fredericton impossible?

Let’s do a quick fact check. Can someone with bad credit just walk into an auto dealership and ask for a loan to buy a good-quality, say, pick-up truck they want? Chances are they will be rejected on the spot. But that is only true if you think inside the box. Outside the box, we offer a strategy to become that person who is likely to get approved for that truck loan without having to go through the unpleasant experience of being rejected.

Think of this as a hero quest. Can a hero just walk up to a dragon and defeat it with bare hands? No, a hero would first need to grow stronger and get the sword. We offer that in the form of rebuilding your credit history so that you can get your dream vehicle. You won’t have to scavenge for used cars in Fredericton with bad credit on your shoulders anymore. You get to defeat that dragon, and you can keep the sword – your improved credit history stays with you as long as you keep it nice and shiny.

It’s time to stop waiting. Start recovering your credit history and your way to your dream car. Apply online and let the journey begin!

We offer a simple and transparent strategy to get you back on track and reach your goals.

Choose your next car!

Recover your credit and get your dream car with CarEvo. Leave a request and our team will contact you and select the best car for you!

ALL credit approved

Bad or no credit – we do them all.

Simple and easy

Use our Online Application without leaving your home.

Fast and transparent

We will respond quickly to discuss your situation, your needs, and wishes.

Safe and convenient

Stay home, and we will deliver your car to your door.


No obligation. Should you change your mind, we won’t hold you.

Wide vehicle selection

Choose from thousands of vehicles by local dealerships.

Best rates

We work with the best lenders – for those in good credit standing, we offer as low as 4% on used cars!

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