Bad Credit Car Loans in St. John's

How to get approved.
How easy do you think buying a car should be? How about it was as simple as buying a kettle or a microwave? When buying those, no one would turn you down due to bad credit or have you go through the painful approval process. If just like we do, you believe that none of this bureaucratic nonsense should be part of the equation, then you’ve come to the right place
Bad Credit Car Loans - Used vehicles financing
Bad Credit Car Loans in St. John's
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How It Works

1. Apply online via our application form.

2. Wait until our agent contacts you within 24 hours

3. Discuss your options with our agent

4. Get your car delivered to your door

Buying used cars in St John's NL with bad credit has never been easier

Having bad credit can put a lot of stress on anyone when it comes to a substantial purchase like a new car. It isn’t so easy to find accessible bad credit car loans in St John, NL, and one will have to go through plenty of auto dealers spending days. This is like trying to put together two hardware pieces that need a coupler. How do you work around that? That’s right. You hit your local hardware store and buy the coupler. CarEvo is that kind of coupler that connects buyers with dealerships. Don’t let bad credit get in the way. Let us do all the hard work!

We started CarEvo from the idea of making car shopping as easy as possible. We hated how difficult it used to be to make it through the painful loan approval process. Now all you need to do is delegate your request to us. Live your normal life while we work.
CarEvo - the evolution of car buying process

Choose your next car!

Leave a request and our team will contact you and select the best car for you!

ALL credit situations

We consider all credit standings, bad credit, no credit history, or what have you.

One-stop shop

We smoothly take your request all the way, from choosing your vehicle, through loan approval, and to delivery of your car to your home.

Easy online application

A few minutes to send us your request means days of your time saved.

Fast pre-approval

One of our specialists will respond the same day to discuss the details.

Comfort from home

You won’t have to run around St. John’s to attend any in-person appointments – we stay in touch with you over the phone.

Huge vehicle selection

Choose your dream car from a great variety of vehicles offered by dealerships in St. John’s.

No obligation to commit

If you change your mind, you can walk away any time – no paperwork has to be signed until your car is delivered to you.

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