Bad Credit Car Loans in Nova Scotia

How to get approved.
We know exactly what it is like when a bank or an auto dealership turns you down, leaving you with nothing but frustration that only keeps growing. Aside from being a company, we are also a team of people who’d had such experience in the past. This is why we learned how to turn what used to be a pain in the neck into a simple and rewarding process.
Bad Credit Car Loans - Used vehicles financing
Bad Credit Car Loans in Nova Scotia
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1. Apply online via our application form.

2. Wait until our agent contacts you within 24 hours

3. Discuss your options with our agent

4. Get your car delivered to your door

Does finding bad credit car dealers in Nova Scotia have to be that painful?

Let’s accept this — bad credit is a burden of our life today, and many of us often find themselves suffering from their imperfect financial decisions in the past or from unforeseen circumstances that no one is ever protected from.

We start our adult life without a bag of wisdom, so we learn along the way: how to be effective, how to do things, and how to manage our credit standing. It often takes a few mistakes to collect our knowledge base.

In all its joy, life can throw a lot of the unexpected at us. Who can say for sure they are totally ready to predict and face any event that can potentially tarnish their credit score? It’s just part of life. We do believe that everyone has their right to the second chance!

Based in Dartmouth, CarEvo specializes in helping residents of Nova Scotia buy the cars they want. In a simple, fast, and fun way. You can forget the old days when you would have to run around hitting dealers’ offices, wasting your time and not knowing how much longer it would have to go on. With CarEvo, getting a loan is taken to a whole new level where you can enjoy your car shopping.

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ALL credit situations

We consider ALL credit situations and don’t say NO.

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Our Online Application form lets you send your request in minutes.

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Our agent will respond the same day to discuss the details and will then lead the buying process until the point when you are happy behind the wheel of your new ride

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Everything is done from your phone – you don’t have to leave your home! Your car will be delivered to your door.


There is no obligation. You can halt the deal at any time should you change your mind. Test your new car before you sign any paperwork.

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