Buying a Diesel Car in Canada - Pros and Cons
Buying a Diesel Car in Canada - Pros and Cons

Buying a Diesel Car in Canada – Pros and Cons


Pros and Cons of Owning a Diesel Car

At some point, many drivers turn their heads to diesel as an alternative to widely used gasoline cars. If you’ve come here, you probably know already that diesel vehicles are a totally different world.

CarEvo has brought the entire vehicle shopping to an online one-stop point, where buyers can get help with both choosing a new vehicle and securing the right financing. To help you better understand what comes with owning a diesel, we’ve compiled a list of pros and cons from both practical and financial perspective:

The Pros of Owning Diesel

More Fuel Efficiency

One great benefit of driving a diesel-powered vehicle is the increased range one can travel on a single tank without making trips to a pump. From the daily driving perspective, it means you can save both money and time that you may otherwise have to spend on waiting in lines during peak hours. It’s just more convenient.

Potentially Less Maintenance

Diesel or gas, you can’t skip your regular maintenance. But on average, you’re looking at less frequent maintenance and repairs on certain parts. For example, you won’t need ignition tune-ups as diesel doesn’t use spark plugs.

Slower Devaluation

For the same reason diesel engines require less maintenance, they appear to last longer than gas engines. Slower depreciation provides the potential to keep a diesel car for a longer time, which after all comes down to saving money. On the other hand, these cars have more chances to preserve their trade-in value, which can often be a decisive factor for many.

The Cons of Owning Diesel

Fuel Accessibility

Unlike gas, not all gas stations offer diesel fuel. For you as a diesel owner, it means to always be in the know where you can fuel up. While learning all your local diesel-enabled gas stations is only a matter of time, your trips to new places may require some prior research. For some whose work requires a lot of remote driving, this will have to become a habit.

Cold-Start Disaster

At low temperatures, diesel fuel tends to become denser and loses some of its mobility, making it very difficult to start a car. Thanks to modern technologies, the situation has improved over the past years. For Canadian winters, having a glow-plug installed to keep the fuel warm overnight is definitely a good idea. But even with this, diesel may need a bit longer to start than gasoline cars.

Repairs Can Cost More

Since diesel is different from gas-powered engines, the repairs may require replacing unique parts and servicing. Often it can only be done by a certified diesel mechanic. Usually, it means that you’ll have to pay more than what you’d have to pay for a similar repair on a car that runs from gasoline.

Riding a “Tractor”

Unlike the old diesel engines that do sound pretty much like a piece of agricultural machinery, modern diesel cars run much quieter. However, some may still find it uncomfortable, if not annoying. Since buying a diesel makes more sense in the long term, your decision on the acceptability of the diesel noise has to be well-considered.

Whether you decide to go diesel or gas, CarEvo can help you find your dream vehicle and provide the right financing option.

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