How Long Does a Car Battery Last in Canada
How Long Does a Car Battery Last in Canada

How Long Does a Car Battery Last in Canada


How many times have you turned your key in the ignition only to find yourself waiting for the engine crank that just won’t happen due to a dead battery? Let alone this past winter. In fact, you don’t have to go through numerous battery failures to get this nasty feeling when all of your plans for the day just flash before your eyes, screaming: “Sorry. Not happening.” It usually takes one.

The typical battery life is not an exact value and makes around 3-5 years range. This means that, in one instance, you can get away with 5 years of problem-free driving, while your next battery can fail on you before it hits a 3-year mark.

You can choose to preventively replace your battery every 2-3 years or so. You’ll limit the chances of a battery dying at the least appropriate moment, but it won’t be the most optimal solution. Instead, we recommend that you learn how to watch for the warning signs. You’ll be able to take proper action not too late, not too soon, but right in time.

Here are five signs indicating you might need to inspect your battery:

1. Electrical issues
Since the battery is responsible for all electrical components in a vehicle, their behaviour may be telling you the battery is dying. So pay attention to flickering dashboard lights, dimmed headlights during idling, and slowly rolling windows.

2. Slow engine turn-over during start
You may not deliberately listen to how your car starts, but you are likely to notice any deviations from the usual pattern. If you notice your car starts a bit more sluggish, it could mean the battery needs more time to build up the starting charge. This usually indicates the days of the battery are counted.

3. Wrong smell
Should you smell anything like rotten eggs, it is likely to be the smell of sulfuric acid leaking from the battery. If it happens, don’t take time and chances, and replace your battery as soon as possible.

4. Jump starts have become your new routine.
If jump-starting your car has been your regular practice recently, your battery is not holding its charge properly. Aside from the personal inconvenience and risks of getting stuck in the middle of the road, such a battery may ruin the alternator and starter. Check with your mechanic and don’t wait too long.

5. Driving habits, environment, and common sense.
Extreme weather, both too hot and too cold, pose extra stress on a car battery. Frequent short trips are also not so good for a battery. Take good care of your car and use your common sense: if the battery is old, replace it without taking chances.

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