Most fuel efficient cars in Canada 2020
Most fuel efficient cars in Canada 2020

Most fuel efficient cars in Canada 2020


Fuel efficiency has never been considered a significant issue among Canadians. Even though gas price hikes could never make us happy, many car owners would stick to the idea: “If I can afford to buy a car, I can afford to pay for gas.” It should make sense.

But let’s admit it: 2020 has changed the world we’ve known. Many people are now reconsidering the way they live and spend. One great way of making changes to our consumption habits is to go for a fuel-efficient car. Not only this will help you save money, but it will also be a step towards going a little greener. The good news is that today fuel efficiency is available for a wide range of vehicle classes, from the smallest cars to full-size vehicles. In many cases, an electric option is available.

Here, we look at the top picks for fuel-efficient cars in Canada provided by Natural Resources Canada.

Efficient subcompact cars



Chevrolet Spark

Engine: 1.4 L, 4 cylinder, continuously variable

Fuel consumption city/highway/combined (L/100km): 7.9/ 6.2/ 7.1

Annual fuel cost: $1,846

The competition is tough in this class. Nonetheless, Chevrolet Spark has enough to offer in order to find its drivers. Priced noticeably cheaper than its closest rival, Honda Fit, it has greater chances to win the budget battle. Chevy Spark has a few neat features to beat many of other competitors: better fuel economy, much smaller turning radius, a great degree of visibility thanks to window design. With greater cargo space and comfortable interior height, Chevrolet Spark makes a great option for those who need to take daily commutes on busy city streets.



BMW i3 (120 Ah)

Engine: 125 kW electric motor, 1-speed automatic

Fuel consumption city/highway/combined (Le/100km): 1.9/ 2.3/ 2.1

Annual fuel cost: $481

An electric BMW is something that would make most of us go ‘What?’ some ten years ago. But it’s here today, and it is an interesting one. BMW i3 comes with a 125 kW electric motor, capable of quick acceleration, and a 120 Ah battery that lets you cover over 240 km in range. One-pedal driving adds fun and comfort to the driving: just lift your foot off the pedal to slow down. This BMW is not the cheapest, but since it is pure electric, think of how much you can reduce carbon dioxide footprint. Not to mention its eco-friendly design and lots of technology at hand. Thus, BMW i3 is made to be enjoyed with both driving and how much good you do to the environment.

Efficient compact cars



Toyota Corolla Hybrid

Engine: 1.8 L, 4 cylinder hybrid, continuously variable

Fuel consumption city/highway/combined (L/100km): 4.4/ 4.5/ 4.5

Annual fuel cost: $1,170

Corollas don’t need to be advocated as great-value cars. But it gets even better with the 2020 Toyota Corolla Hybrid. It offers outstanding fuel economy coming down to less than $500 a year in expenses. Safety is another aspect that every 2020 Corolla Hybrid is great at. The standard safety suite includes adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist, forward collision warning, and many other great features. To make your experience even more exciting, 2020 Corolla Hybrid cars are equipped with neat interior features, like Wi-Fi hotspot, Apple CarPlay and Siri voice recognition, and a touchscreen. Without compromising performance, Toyota Corolla Hybrid has what it takes to be the best economy car in Canada.



Volkswagen e-Golf

Engine: 100 kW electric motor, 1-speed automatic

Fuel consumption city/highway/combined (Le/100km): 1.9/ 2.3/ 2.1

Annual fuel cost: $484

As one of the compact fuel efficient cars, Volkswagen Golf made it one step further with the 2020 electric version. While implementing pure electric technology is still somewhat expensive, fuel savings can be impressive. Less than $500 a year is what you’d expect to pay to feed your 2020 e-Golf. Its driving range is almost 200 km, and it takes just over 5 hours to charge the battery. Providing great handling and steering experience, e-Golf is great for city driving. Especially, if you also think of such infotainment features as Apple CarPlay, touchscreen, and an 8 Speaker Sound System. Heated front seats, expansive cargo space and great visibility is what can make 2020 e-Golf your favourite everyday car.

Efficient midsize cars



Toyota Prius

Engine: 1.8 L, 4 cylinder hybrid, continuously variable

Fuel consumption city/highway/combined (L/100km): 4.4/ 4.7/ 4.5

Annual fuel cost: $1,170

Toyota Prius is one of the most fuel efficient cars on Canadian roads. Being a hybrid, it combines the fueling accessibility of a conventional car with the economy of an electric one. If you one of the earlier Prius cars before, you may have had a somewhat unsatisfactory steering experience. But the improvements have been made, and the 2020 Prius is much better at handling and steering accuracy. Just like all Toyota cars, Prius is very safe to drive with the Safety Connect system and traditional safety features. This, together with a roomy cabin and a configurable cargo pace, can make the 2020 Prius a great family car.



Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus

Engine: 211 kW electric motor, 1-speed automatic

Fuel consumption city/highway/combined (Le/100km): 1.6/ 1.8/ 1.7
Annual fuel cost: $387

Leading in class, Tesla Model 3 beats its competitors hands down in a number of features. First, the annual fueling cost of this Tesla car is the lowest on our list. Second, as the name says, Standard Range Plus can cover the substantial 402 km from a single battery charge, which can be restored overnight. Standard Range Plus is equipped with tons of hi-tech stuff as a standard: a 15-inch touchscreen, autopilot, navigation system, safety suite with exterior cameras, adaptive cruise control with assisted steering. In addition to that, you get a full self-drive option to do things like moving itself into a parking lot. With all Tesla prestige it has, this model is quite reasonably priced. So, this may be your good starting point into the Tesla world.

Efficient full size cars



Hyundai IONIQ Blue

Engine: 1.6 L, 4 cylinder hybrid, 6-speed automated manual

Fuel consumption city/highway/combined (L/100km): 4.2/ 4.0/ 4.1

Annual fuel cost: $1,066

Hyundai IONIQ Blue is one of the best among fuel efficient full size cars available in Canada. No wonder it tops our list in the conventional/hybrid category. This hatchback can also be quick to accelerate in sports mode. The 2020 IONIQ Blue is also noticeably cheaper than the competitors. Especially, if you note that base trims are normally stripped down off certain features to keep price low, which is not the case with IONIQ Blue. Things like proximity key entry, Forward Collision Avoidance, and Lane Keeping Assist come standard. The 2020 Blue model comes with a few improvements. The regenerative braking controls are now implemented on a steering wheel. Also, you’ll notice exterior changes and a larger touchscreen.



Tesla Model S Long Range Plus

Engine: 398 kW electric motor, 1-speed automatic

Fuel consumption city/highway/combined (Le/100km): 1.9/ 2.1/ 2.0

Annual fuel cost: $465

The 2020 Tesla Model S Long Range Plus is the base trim of a luxury sedan for 5 passengers. Even at base, trim Model S can offer a lot, like quick acceleration and an overwhelming range of up to 646 km. Keep in mind that its battery needs 12 hours to recharge. Such power is not just meant for fun, which you can have a lot of with precise sports-like handling. You also have enough cargo space thanks to the Model S liftback design. The 2020 Model S comes with a bunch of driver-assist features: reverse cameras, blind spot warning, adaptive cruise control, and lane keep assist. Other noticeable features include things like heated back seats and steering wheel, HEPA air filtration system to protect passengers from viruses and bacteria, and a rich infotainment suite. If you want to be on the edge of the EV industry, this car may be just for you.


Whether it’s gas savings or the environment that you care about, you can take one of the two paths. For those rather conservative folks, there is a large pool of conventional gas-fueled cars to choose from. This way, you can start saving instantly. For more future-oriented drivers, a great way to go is to make an investment in an electric car. Although EVs are more expensive today, you’ll save in the long run because you literally won’t have to pay for gas.

Whatever way you choose to go, your perfect economy car can be found in every vehicle class. And when you find it, order it from us in an instant – from your phone to your home!

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